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The Concept 

A response to the environment, built into layers of the landscape, introducing Nivå. 

Designed by Magnus Ström, Ström Architects

Bringing the attention to detail of private house architects, Ström’s level of detailing is extraordinary. Each home at Nivå has been a personal journey undertaken with a dedication to individually and sincerely considering every design element.

Renowned for framing views and capturing horizons, Ström was the perfect architectural partner to define a limited villa series worthy of its stunning location. Ström was mindful that every space should excite aesthetically but also had to be liveable for owners from sunrise to sunset, indoors to outdoors and year-round.


The Sleeve

The sleeve is a pure response to the tropical environment. The geometry evolved as a core design concept, originating as a reaction to the elements and climate, and developed to create open spaces that can be enjoyed at all times.
A shelter from the high sun and ocean breezes, slender sleeves were designed to provide owners with maximum usability of their space indoors and out, elegantly framing views, but also work to elevate the design by softening the edges of the architecture and creating a gentleness to the structures.
a sketch of the building

Architect’s Sketch

a sketch of the building

Architect’s Sketch

exterior front view of the building

Exterior Front View

an image of the masterplan with the buildings along the ridge



The Interiors

A unique interpretation of Brazilian Modernism and Scandinavian architecture styles, Nivå features large, open social spaces that welcome views and guests. Every design decision has been guided and proposed by the expertise and experience of Ström Architects and the quality of execution which Windward is known for.

The internal materials palette takes its cue from the external finishes to provide spaces that are elevated in their own right.

A selection of designed ancillary space options offers personalisation without departing from the design vision. Structural personalisation options of an additional elevator across the main floors, garage, guest house and gym are available on request. Belong in the architectural beauty of designs evolved and honed by Ström.

This are the materials used for building the villas
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The Developer

Windward thrives on creating a unique development vision for property that is destined for the uncommon approach.

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